The Journal of Korean Physical Therapy Indexed in /covered by CAS, KoreaScience & DOI/Crossref:eISSN 2287-156X   pISSN 1229-0475

The Journal of Korean Physical Therapy Indexed in /covered by CAS, KoreaScience & DOI/Crossref:eISSN 2287-156X pISSN 1229-0475

Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Detailed explanation about the additional points related to visiting rehabilitation

Title of additional point (Additional points) Detailed explanation
For visiting rehabilitation service by visiting rehabilitation office Additional points for conducting rehabilitation management (180-483 units/month) • Added when a rehabilitation meeting is held, and a rehabilitation plan is drawn up, and the therapists or doctor explains it. More added when the rehabilitation plan is submitted in long-term care database through LIFE system once every 3 months
Additional points for conducting short-term intensive rehabilitation (200 units/day) • Added when rehabilitation is performed for at least 2 days a week and 20 minutes or more a day within 3 months from the date of discharge
Additional points for strengthening service provision system (6 units/time) • Added when there is therapist who has served at the office for 7 years or more among the therapists who are affiliated with the office and provide visiting rehabilitation
Additional points for providing service in the hilly and mountainous area (+5%-15%) • Added when an office located in the hilly and mountainous area designated by the government provides visiting rehabilitation.
Additional points for providing transition support* (17 units/day) • Added when users who have finished receiving the visiting rehabilitation service have satisfied the conditions for social participation
Additional points for conducting office evaluation (120 units/month) • Added when the number of actual users is 10 or more during the evaluation period
Visiting rehabilitation Service by visiting nursing office For initializing visiting rehabilitation (300 units/month) • Added when a new visiting nursing plan is prepared and visiting nursing is provided to users who have not provided visiting nursing care for 2 months (including new users)
For providing joint instruction at discharge (600 units/time) • Added when nurses in the visiting nursing office provide instruction on medical treatment at home in collaboration with the family doctor of hospitals or clinic and other employees
For visiting several experts together (201-254 units/time) • Added when several people such as nurses and therapists visit together

LIFE: Long-term care Information system For Evidence.

*Added only for person requiring long-term care, †Added only for person requiring support.

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