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The Effects of Auriculotherapy for Pain Control in HIVLD with Sciatica
J Kor Soc Phys Ther 1999;11(3):45-55
Published online June 25, 1999
© 1999 The Korean Society of Physical Therapy.

Oh, Young-Taek, P.T., M.S.; Kwon, Hyuk-Cheol, P.T., O.T.R., Ph.D.

Department of physical Therapy, Chingyo Surgical Clinic; Department of Rehabilitation Science College of Rehabilitation Science
This study was compared with each 2 groups (Intermittent traction therapy alone group1: Control group and Intermittent traction therapy plus Auriculotherapy group 2: Experimental group) on 20 HIVLD(Hemiated Intervertebral Lumbar Disk) patients with sciatics Each subjects were divided to control and experimental. Each group were applied Intermittent traction therapy (HOld:25, Rest:15) for 15 minute and control group were not received auricular stimulation. However experimental groups were applied auricular stimulation simultaneosly. Auricular acupuncture points(max-17, min=13) were stimulated with low frequency. high intensity Electro-Acupunture stimulator for 20 seconds per each point. Treatment and measurements(R.P and VAS) was administered to each patient during the 10 times therapy per 2 weeks. The results were significant differences between the two groups. Experimental group appeared significantly greater than before in pain, and pain relief, and significant improvement in centralization phenomenon of radiating pain.

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