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A Study on Kinetic Gait Analysis of the Normal Adult
J Kor Soc Phys Ther 2009;21(2):87-95
Published online April 25, 2009
© 2009 The Korean Society of Physical Therapy.

Geon Kim, PT, MS; Na‐Mi Yoon, PT1

Hyun Dae Family Clinic; 1Department of Physical Therapy, Mokpo Science University
Purpose: This study reports the basic reference data of the specific gait parameters for Korean normal adults. Methods: The basic gait parameters were extracted from 73 Adults (35 men and 38 women), 18 to 33 years of age, using a Vicon MX motion analysis system. The segment kinetics, such as joint moment and power, was analyzed at the hip, knee and ankle. Results: The motion patterns are typically associated with a specific phase of the gait cycle. The temporal-spatial gait parameters of Korean normal adults, such as cadence, walking speed, stride length, single support and double support, were similar to the other western reference data. The kinetic parameters of Korean normal adults, such as joint moments of force, joint mechanical power generation or absorption and ground reaction forces, were also similar to other western reference datasets. Conclusion: This study demonstrates that objective gait analysis can be used to document the gait patterns of normal healthy adults. The techniques of 3-dimensional temporal-spatial gait parameters and kinematic parameters analysis can provide a detailed biomechanical description of a normal and pathological gait.
Keywords : Gait analysis, Normal adult, Temporal?spatial gait parameters, Kinetic parameters

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