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The Korean Society of Physical Therapy (KSPT) engages and inspires an international leadership in Asia on issues associated with physical therapy. As the leading journal for research in physical therapy and other fields related to rehabilitation science, KSPT pubilishs highly qualified scientific topic for clinicians and researchers, with the expressed purpose of improving therapeutic approaches for health and life quality of human.
The Comparative Study on Age-associated Gait Analysis in Normal Korean
Na-Mi Yoon, PT, PhD; Hee-Jong Yoon, PT, PhD; Jang-Sung Park, PT, PhD1; Hwa-Su Jeong, PT2; Geon Kim, PT3
Correlation Between BBS, FRT, STI, TUG, MBI, and Falling in Stroke Patients
Han-Suk Lee, PT, PhD; Jin-Ho Choi, PT, PhD
A Study on Kinetic Gait Analysis of the Normal Adult
Geon Kim, PT, MS; Na‐Mi Yoon, PT