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J Kor Phys Ther 2018;30(1):1-40
Original Articles
Effects of Flexible Pole Training Combined with Lumbar Stabilization on Trunk Muscles Activation in Healthy Adults
Jae-Heon Lim
J Kor Phys Ther 2018;30(1):1-7
Effects of a Trunk Stabilization Exercise with Gym Ball on Scapular Position for Patients with Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Mi Young Jung, and Young Uk Ryu
J Kor Phys Ther 2018;30(1):8-13
Pelvic, Hip, and Knee Kinematics of Stair Climbing in People with Genu Varum
Yun Won Chae, Seol Park, and Ji Won Park
J Kor Phys Ther 2018;30(1):14-22
Effectiveness of Iliopsoas Self-Stretching on Hip Extension Angle, Gluteus Maximus Activity, and Pelvic Compensations during Prone Hip Extension in Subjects with Iliopsoas Shortness
Ki-Song Kim, and In-Cheol Jeon
J Kor Phys Ther 2018;30(1):23-28
An Analysis of the Reliability and Validity of a Korean Version of the Mobility and Gait Assessment Tools for Patients with Stroke
Ho Young Jang, Jeong-Hoon Lee, Jung Lim Oh, Hyun Soo Lee, and Suk Min Lee
J Kor Phys Ther 2018;30(1):29-34
Research on the Quality of Life of the Parents by Functions, Activities, Participation, and Environmental Factors of Children with Cerebral Palsy Using ICF-CY Checklist
Hyun Sook Kwon, and Sung Min Son
J Kor Phys Ther 2018;30(1):35-40
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