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J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):161-259
Original Articles
Evidence-Based Physical Therapy for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: Literature Review
Hyoung won Lim
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):161-168
Effect of Spiral Elastic Band on Gait Function in Patients with Chronic Stroke
Ki hyun Baek, Hyoung won Lim
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):169-175
The Short Term Effects of Ankle Strengthening Emphasis with Jumping on Strength, Mechanical Properties, and Balance with and without Wearing High Heel in Ankle Instability
YeJi Shin, TaeLim Yoon
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):176-183
Review for the Curriculum and License Exam of Physical Therapists in the United States
Chi-Whan Choi, Yeon-Gyu Jeong
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):184-192
Effect of Plank Exercise Combined with Breathing and Arm Exercises on Abdominal Muscle Thickness
Jae-Cheol Park, Yong-Nam Kim
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):193-198
Effect of Shoulder Protraction Exercise on the Supine position for Selective Activation of the Serratus Anterior according to Weight in Winging Scapula
TaeHo Kim, SungYoung, Kim, HanKyu Park
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):199-203
Effect of Underwater Gait Training with a Progressive Increase in Speed on Balance, Gait, and Endurance in Stroke Patients
Heejoong Kim, Yijung Chung
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):204-211
Motor Skill Learning on the Ipsi-Lateral Upper Extremity to the Damaged Hemisphere in Stroke Patients
Sung Min Son, Yoon Tae Hwang, Seok Hyun Nam, Yonghyun Kwon
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):212-215
Effect of Visual Feedback Squat Motion on Core Muscles Thickness of Young People with Lower Back Pain
HoJin Jeong, ChiBock Park, YongNam Kim
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):216-221
Influence of Longitudinal Arch of Foot on the Strength and Muscle Activity of the Abductor Hallucis in Subjects with and without Navicular Drop Sign
In-Cheol Jeon
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):222-227
Study on the Injury and Rehabilitation of Racket Athletes with Disabilities
Zheng ChangSheng, Hwa-Kyung Shin, Young sik Kim
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):228-235
Effects of Aquatic Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Pattern Exercise on Balance, Gait ability and Depression in Patients with Chronic Stroke
Dong-Kyu Lee, Tae-Yeun Hwang
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):236-241
Functioning Characteristics of Patients with Neck Pain: ICF Concept Based
HaeJung Lee, JuMin Song
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):242-247
Comparison of Vital Capacity and Balance between Elderly Women and Young Women with Forward Head Postures According to the Use of Figure-8 brace
Eun-Kyung Kim
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):248-253
A Longitudinal Investigation of the Moderating Effect of Social Support on Job Strain Developing Non-Specific Neck Pain in Office Workers
Deokhoon Jun
J Kor Phys Ther 2019;31(4):254-259
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